Exercise Videos

Plank Single Knee-in
Lying "L" Switches
Cross Switch Lunges
Low Plank Knee Taps
Superman Lat Squeeze
Side to Side Plank Hops
10 & 2 Jumps
Full Body (March Madness) Workout
Tricep Moves
Side Lunge + Knee Lift
Tricep Push-up & Rear Delt Fly
Straight Leg Deadlift Reverse Fly
Burpee Cross-Jack
Tricep Dip Scissor
Squat Hip Abduction
Plank to Squat
C-Sit Punches
Sprinter Abs
BOSU Burpee
Core on the Ball
Elevated Split Squat
Handstand Push-Ups
Lateral Jumps
Low Squat + Lunge
No Equipment Legs
No Equipment Plyometrics
Plank + Knee Tuck and Extension
Plank + Oblique Crunch
Plank Switches
Push-Up Variation
Side Plank + Hip Abduction
Standing Zig Zag
Wall Windmills
Push-up Shoulder Taps
P90X3 Donkey Kick Handstand