All of my virtual coaching is done via social media — Facebook, Email, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube — to offer you the utmost convenience to commit to a healthy lifestyle and to connect you with an accessible community of support. To guarantee that you’re provided with the best, most quality fitness programs, nutrition and customer service, I have partnered with Beachbody, the #1 at home fitness company.

The best part? My Coaching is complimentary. 

The private support and accountability group, the exclusive personal development, and one-on-one check-ins are all completely and utterly FREE to you. The only cost you have is for the physical products being delivered to you. After your first round of 30 days, we keep going until YOUR GOALS are met. You stay with me and I stay with you. I am there with you, every step of the way.

All you need to do to start is to purchase the fitness + nutrition program (and guess what, it’s at the same low price as on all those infomercials you see!).

Why am I free when you purchase the fitness + nutrition program? Quite frankly, I am passionate about nutrition, fitness, and helping others to reach their personal goals. You can purchase any of these programs from a number of other third party sites, but the experience you will receive HERE is unparalleled group support, accountability, and leadership – and at no extra cost to you. Sounds like a sweet deal to me 🙂 

Some popular program choices amongst those I coach:
21 Day Fix (and 21 Day Fix Extreme)
Insanity MAX30
Focus T25

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